Every day the consequences of global warming are ever present extreme weather conditions are almost a daily occurrence some where in the world .The subject of the environment is now at the peak of media attention. Such things as using energy saving products such as light bulbs turning your electrical appliances off standby all these things are helping to make a difference .Our aim with this Campaign is to make people aware of the ECO friendly nature of buying an antique whether it be a piece of antique furniture or antique jewellery these are all thing we will use in everyday life and in effect these thing are all recycled they have been used for many years and the carbon footprint of the manufacture of these items has long gone. Of course antiques will often need renovation but this has far less of an effect on the environment than making from new. A prime example is a piece of Antique Furniture compared to a new piece .Take a dining table for instance we all recycle our news papers to help save the trees but do we give a thought to the trees when we buy our new dining table from one of the big furniture manufacturers , How much of a tree does it take to make your new 6ft oak table and not only that imagine the logistics involved in getting that tree from a trunk to the finished table ,the transport , the machining the large factory environment gulping up huge amounts of energy .Just because some of these furniture manufacturers are using what they call sustainable timber it still takes massive amounts of energy to convert these trees into a product when all the time we have existing tables that have been around sometimes for hundreds of  years that with a bit of love and care can be used for generations to come. What will happen to that modern table you may have bought more than likely it will end up in a skip they are not built to last, we live in a throw  away society but we do not need to be buying through away furniture.   In our business we get some table that many people would think were fire wood but after they come through our workshops they are given a new lease of life. Every person that buy Antiques should give themselves a pat on the back as they are helping to reduce effects on the environment.

Our major  aim is to increase the awareness of people to what a eco friendly business we are in .We would like to hear from anyone with an opinion on this subject and would be interested to read your emails which we would like to post to the site as a kind of forum .

Please Email your comments to contact@ecoantiques.com 

We would like to build up a network of like minded Antique Dealers who would be willing to display the ECO ANTIQUES logo on their website which would link them to this website, this will help us get the message out there that we are a green industry . Also i will post a link to your website on this page to show people you support the campaign.

We are in the process of having window stickers printed which we will be making available free of charge for anyone who wants to support the campaign. It is high time that Antique Dealers pulled together and get the word out about the benefits of buying all Antiques. For to long their has been no media attention on what value for money antiques really are many pieces are made with such skill that they could not be recreated today as the skills have been lost and the time to take to make the piece would simply be not economically viable .How many times have we watched the antiques road show and seen the most fabulous chest of drawers or cabinet valued at a few hundred pounds when we all know that to have a piece like that commissioned by a modern cabinet maker would cost many thousands .The sooner people wake up to the value of antiques and stop buying modern screwed together rubbish the better place the planet will be to live.